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21 September 2017

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Volume 14 (7); 2017

Research Paper

Systematic Evaluation of Corticosteroid Use in Obese and Non-obese Individuals: A Multi-cohort Study
Mesut Savas, Vincent L. Wester, Sabine M. Staufenbiel, Jan W. Koper, Erica L.T. van den Akker, Jenny A. Visser, Aart J. van der Lely, Brenda W.J.H. Penninx, Elisabeth F.C. van Rossum
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2017; 14(7): 615-621. doi:10.7150/ijms.19213
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MicroRNA Expression Analysis of Centenarians and Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Reveals a Common Expression Pattern
Francesca Balzano, Marta Deiana, Silvia Dei Giudici, Annalisa Oggiano, Sara Pasella, Sara Pinna, Andrea Mannu, Nicola Deiana, Baingio Porcu, Antonio G.E. Masala, Piera V. Pileri, Fabrizio Scognamillo, Carlo Pala, Angelo Zinellu, Ciriaco Carru, Luca Deiana
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2017; 14(7): 622-628. doi:10.7150/ijms.18972
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Involvement of Ornithine Carbamoyltransferase in the Progression of Chronic Hepatitis C and Liver Cirrhosis
Masahiko Ohnishi, Akihisa Higuchi, Hiroshi Matsumura, Yasuo Arakawa, Hitomi Nakamura, Kazushige Nirei, Toshiki Yamamoto, Hiroaki Yamagami, Masahiro Ogawa, Takuji Gotoda, Shunichi Matsuoka, Noriko Nakajima, Masahiko Sugitani, Mitsuhiko Moriyama, Hiroshi Murayama
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2017; 14(7): 629-638. doi:10.7150/ijms.17641
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Whey Protein Improves Marathon-Induced Injury and Exercise Performance in Elite Track Runners
Wen-Ching Huang, Yung-Cheng Chang, Yi-Ming Chen, Yi-Ju Hsu, Chi-Chang Huang, Nai-Wen Kan, Sheng-Shih Chen
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2017; 14(7): 648-654. doi:10.7150/ijms.19584
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Over-Expression of Alpha-Enolase as a Prognostic Biomarker in Patients with Pancreatic Cancer
Lichao Sun, Chunguang Guo, Jianzhong Cao, Joseph Burnett, Zhihua Yang, Yuliang Ran, Duxin Sun
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2017; 14(7): 655-661. doi:10.7150/ijms.18736
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Diagnostic Accuracy of the Neck Tornado Test as a New Screening Test in Cervical Radiculopathy
Juyeon Park, Woo Young Park, Seungbae Hong, Jiwon An, Jae Chul Koh, Youn-Woo Lee, Yong Chan Kim, Jong Bum Choi
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2017; 14(7): 662-667. doi:10.7150/ijms.19110
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Diagnostic Value of Gadoxetic Acid-Enhanced MR Imaging to Distinguish HCA and Its Subtype from FNH: A Systematic Review
Yongfei Guo, Wenjuan Li, Wenli Cai, Yi Zhang, Yijie Fang, Guobin Hong
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2017; 14(7): 668-674. doi:10.7150/ijms.17865
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The EMSY Gene Collaborates with CCND1 in Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinogenesis
Onur Baykara, Nejat Dalay, Burak Bakir, Pelin Bulut, Kamil Kaynak, Nur Buyru
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2017; 14(7): 675-679. doi:10.7150/ijms.19355
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Acute Alcohol Intoxication Exacerbates Rhabdomyolysis-Induced Acute Renal Failure in Rats
Jen-Pi Tsai, Chung-Jen Lee, Yi-Maun Subeq, Ru-Ping Lee, Bang-Gee Hsu
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2017; 14(7): 680-689. doi:10.7150/ijms.19479
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Association of Genes Variants in RANKL/RANK/OPG Signaling Pathway with the Development of Osteonecrosis of the Femoral Head in Chinese Population
Yang Song, Zhen-wu Du, Qi-wei Yang, Ming Ren, Qing-yu Wang, Ao Wang, Gao-yang Chen, Hai-yue Zhao, Tao Yu, Gui-zhen Zhang
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2017; 14(7): 690-697. doi:10.7150/ijms.19124
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Autophagy was involved in the protective effect of metformin on hyperglycemia-induced cardiomyocyte apoptosis and Connexin43 downregulation in H9c2 cells
Guang-Yu Wang, Ya-Guang Bi, Xiang-Dong Liu, Yu Zhao, Jun-Feng Han, Meng Wei, Qing-Yong Zhang
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2017; 14(7): 698-704. doi:10.7150/ijms.19800
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Characterization of the Asian Phenotype - An Emerging Paradigm with Clinicopathological and Human Research Implications
Melvin Khee-Shing Leow
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2017; 14(7): 639-647. doi:10.7150/ijms.18880
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