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30 August 2015

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Vector delivery is still a bottleneck for gene therapy. To overcome some disadvantages of adenoviral and retroviral vectors, we developed a hybrid vector. This hybrid vector, AdLTR-luc, was created by adding two elements from Moloney murine leukemia virus (MoMLV) flanking the luciferase cDNA into an E1/E3-deleted, replication deficient serotype 5 adenovirus vector (Zheng et al., Nature Biotechnol, 2000), and demonstrated that the MoMLV element upstream of the luciferase cDNA was broken during the integration event. The purpose of the current study was to determine if the MoMLV element downstream of the luciferase cDNA was also broken when integration occurred. We used the same A5 cell clones (#10 and 11) from the earlier the paper along with restriction endonuclease digestions, plus Southern hybridization, and PCR. Southern hybridization indicated that the luciferase cDNA was intact in the cloned cells. Results from Xho I and Sal I digestions showed that integration occurred in cloned cells. ...details
Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is essential for normal vascular growth and development during wound repair. VEGF is estrogen responsive and capable of regulating its own receptor, vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-2 (VEGFR-2). Several agricultural pesticides (e.g., methoxychlor) have estrogenic potential that can initiate inappropriate physiological responses in estrogenic-sensitive tissues following exposure in vivo. Thus, the current study was designed to determine whether the VEGFR-2-Luciferase (Luc) reporter transgenic mouse is a useful model for evaluating estrogenic tendencies of methoxychlor by monitoring wound healing via VEGFR-2-mediated gene expression using bioluminescence and real-time imaging technology. ...details
A Human Head Surrogate has been developed for use in behind helmet blunt trauma experiments. This human head surrogate fills the void between Post-Mortem Human Subject testing (with biofidelity but handling restrictions) and commercial ballistic head forms (with no biofidelity but ease of use). This unique human head surrogate is based on refreshed human craniums and surrogate materials representing human head soft tissues such as the skin, dura, and brain. A methodology for refreshing the craniums is developed and verified through material testing. ...details
Study Design: A randomized, double-blind, active-controlled trial. Objective: To assess the effectiveness of cervical interlaminar epidural injections of local anesthetic with or without steroids for the management of axial or discogenic pain in patients without disc herniation, radiculitis, or facet joint pain. Summary of Background Data: Cervical discogenic pain without disc herniation is a common cause of suffering and disability in the adult population. Once conservative management has failed and facet joint pain has been excluded, cervical epidural injections may be considered as a management tool. Despite a paucity of evidence, cervical epidural injections are one of the most commonly performed nonsurgical interventions in the management of chronic axial or disc-related neck pain....details
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Priming the Surface of Orthopedic Implants for Osteoblast Attachment in Bone Tissue Engineering
Kiat Hwa Chan, Shuangmu Zhuo, Ming Ni
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2015; 12(9): 701-707. doi:10.7150/ijms.12658
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Research Paper
In vitro Activity of Colistin in Combination with Tigecycline against Carbapenem-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii Strains Isolated from Patients with Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia
Aytekin Cikman, Baris Gulhan, Merve Aydin, Mehmet Resat Ceylan, Mehmet Parlak, Faruk Karakecili, Alper Karagoz
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2015; 12(9): 695-700. doi:10.7150/ijms.11988
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Research Paper
Histological Evaluation of Periodontal Ligament in Response to Orthodontic Mechanical Stress in Mice
Keiko Kaneko, Saeka Matsuda, Rina Muraoka, Keisuke Nakano, Takami Iwasaki, Mihoko Tomida, Hidetsugu Tsujigiwa, Hitoshi Nagatsuka, Toshiyuki Kawakami
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2015; 12(9): 689-694. doi:10.7150/ijms.12883
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Research Paper
Earliest Bedside Assessment of Hemodynamic Parameters and Cardiac Biomarkers: Their Role as Predictors of Adverse Outcome in Patients with Septic Shock
Benjamin Sasko, Thomas Butz, Magnus Wilhelm Prull, Jeanette Liebeton, Martin Christ, Hans-Joachim Trappe
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2015; 12(9): 680-688. doi:10.7150/ijms.11720
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Research Paper
Arsenic Trioxide Activate Transcription of Heme Oxygenase-1 by Promoting Nuclear Translocation of NFE2L2
Zhen Yue, Lingzhi Zhong, Yan Mou, Xiaotong Wang, Haiying Zhang, Yang Wang, Jianxin Xia, Ronggui Li, Zonggui Wang
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2015; 12(8): 674-679. doi:10.7150/ijms.12450
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Research Paper
The Association of BCG Vaccination with Atopy and Asthma in Adults
Sung Soo Park, Eun Young Heo, Deog Kyeom Kim, Hee Soon Chung, Chang-Hoon Lee
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2015; 12(8): 668-673. doi:10.7150/ijms.12233
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Research Paper
The Role of Autophagy in Kidney Inflammatory Injury via the NF-κB Route Induced by LPS
Yu Wu, Yang Zhang, Ling Wang, Zongli Diao, Wenhu Liu
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2015; 12(8): 655-667. doi:10.7150/ijms.12460
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Research Paper
Regulatory and Effector Helper T-Cell Profile after Nerve Xenografting in the Toll-Like Receptor-Deficient Mice
Cheng-Shyuan Rau, Ming-Wei Lin, Shao-Chun Wu, Yi-Chan Wu, Tsu-Hsiang Lu, Siou-Ling Tzeng, Yi-Chun Chen, Chia-Jung Wu, Ching-Hua Hsieh
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2015; 12(8): 650-654. doi:10.7150/ijms.12304
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Research Paper
A Randomized Clinical Trial of Nefopam versus Ketorolac Combined With Oxycodone in Patient-Controlled Analgesia after Gynecologic Surgery
Boo-Young Hwang, Jae-Young Kwon, Do-Won Lee, Eunsoo Kim, Tae-Kyun Kim, Hae-Kyu Kim
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2015; 12(8): 644-649. doi:10.7150/ijms.11828
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Research Paper
Increased Expressions of Integrin Subunit β1, β2 and β3 in Patients with Acute Infection
Yanli Song, Lemin Wang, Fan Yang, Xianzheng Wu, Qianglin Duan, Zhu Gong
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2015; 12(8): 639-643. doi:10.7150/ijms.11857
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Research Paper
Risk Factors of Myopic Shift among Primary School Children in Beijing, China: A Prospective Study
Li-Juan Wu, You-Xin Wang, Qi-Sheng You, Jia-Li Duan, Yan-Xia Luo, Li-Juan Liu, Xia Li, Qi Gao, Hui-Ping Zhu, Yan He, Liang Xu, Man-Shu Song, Jost B Jonas, Xiu-Hua Guo, Wei Wang
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2015; 12(8): 633-638. doi:10.7150/ijms.12133
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Short Research Communication
Preventing and Treating Hypoxia: Using a Physiology Simulator to Demonstrate the Value of Pre-Oxygenation and the Futility of Hyperventilation
Anna A. Lerant, Robert L. Hester, Thomas G. Coleman, William J. Phillips, Jeffrey D. Orledge, W. Bosseau Murray
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2015; 12(8): 625-632. doi:10.7150/ijms.12077
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Research Paper
Anemia as an Independent Predictor of Adverse Cardiac Outcomes in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation
Wen-Hsien Lee, Po-Chao Hsu, Chun-Yuan Chu, Hung-Hao Lee, Meng-Kuang Lee, Chee-Siong Lee, Hsueh-Wei Yen, Tsung-Hsien Lin, Wen-Chol Voon, Wen-Ter Lai, Sheng-Hsiung Sheu, Ho-Ming Su
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2015; 12(8): 618-624. doi:10.7150/ijms.11924
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Research Paper
Relationship between the hs-CRP as non-specific biomarker and Alzheimer's disease according to aging process
In-Uk Song, Sung-Woo Chung, Young-Do Kim, Lee-So Maeng
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2015; 12(8): 613-617. doi:10.7150/ijms.12742
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Research Paper
Lifestyle and Risk of Hypertension: Follow-Up of a Young Pre-Hypertensive Cohort
Yao Lu, Minggen Lu, Haijiang Dai, Pinting Yang, Julie Smith-Gagen, Rujia Miao, Hua Zhong, Ruifang Chen, Xing Liu, Zhijun Huang, Hong Yuan
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2015; 12(7): 605-612. doi:10.7150/ijms.12446
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Research Paper
Incidence and Risk Factors of Acute Kidney Injury after Radical Cystectomy: Importance of Preoperative Serum Uric Acid Level
Kyoung-Woon Joung, Seong-Soo Choi, Yu-Gyeong Kong, Jihion Yu, Jinwook Lim, Jai-Hyun Hwang, Young-Kug Kim
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2015; 12(7): 599-604. doi:10.7150/ijms.12106
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