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21 July 2018

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Special issue on Palaeo Biomedicine - an evaluation of ancient medical practices and modern analytical techniques

Guest editor:
Dr. Adrian Harrison, Associate Professor
Dept. of Animal & Veterinary Basic Sciences (IBHV)
Faculty of Life Sciences
Copenhagen University
Gronnegaardsvej 7
1870 Frederiksberg C


It is envisaged that this special issue will promote the publication of articles that address ancient sources of medical information or alternatively determine the efficacy/toxicity of ancient remedies, or indeed assess the use of modern analytical techniques in the interpretation of ancient material. In so doing it may be possible to rediscover natural tried and tested forms of medication that can be used to improve human health, to strengthen the innovative potential of bio-medical companies, and to educate those involved in the assessment of ancient materials in the correct use of bio-medical techniques.

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Full texts of published articles will appear in PubMed Central, the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) digital archive of biomedical journal literature, and abstracts in PubMed.

All inquiries should be sent to the guest editor at the above address.

Forthcoming articles:

The Occupants of Tomb II at Vergina. Why Arrhidaios and Eurydice must be excluded
Jonathan Musgrave, A. J. N. W. Prag, Richard Neave, Robin Lane Fox, Hugh White
[Abstract] [Full text] [PDF]

Were natural forms of treatment for Fasciola hepatica available to the Etruscans?
Adrian P. Harrison, Jean M. Turfa
[Abstract] [Full text] [PDF]

Health Maintenance in Ancient China
Livia Kohn
[Abstract] [Full text] [PDF]