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24 April 2019

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Volume 2 (4); 2005


Characterization of N200 and P300: Selected Studies of the Event-Related Potential
Salil H. Patel, Pierre N. Azzam
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2005, 2: 147-154
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Research Paper

Differential gene expression in HIV/SIV-associated and spontaneous lymphomas
V.V Nenasheva, A.I Nikolaev, AV Martynenko, I.B Kaplanskaya, W Bodemer, G Hunsmann, V.Z Tarantul
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2005, 2: 122-128
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A comparative analysis of antibody repertoire against Staphylococcus aureus antigens in Patients with Deep-Seated versus Superficial staphylococcal Infections
Ashok Kumar, Pallab Ray, Mamta Kanwar, Meera Sharma, Subhash Varma
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2005, 2: 129-136
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Evaluation of maternal infusion therapy during pregnancy for fetal development
Dóra Petik, Erzsébet Puhó, Andrew E. Czeizel
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2005, 2: 137-142
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Enhanced surveillance for childhood hepatitis B virus infection in Canada, 1999-2003
H. X. Wu, A. Andonov, A. Giulivi, N. J. Goedhuis, B. Baptiste, J. Furseth, D. Poliquin, J. IP Chan, G. Bolesnikov, B. Moffat, S. Paton, J. Wu
Int. J. Med. Sci. 2005, 2: 143-146
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