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23 February 2019

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Int J Med Sci 2018; 15(8):802-807. doi:10.7150/ijms.23497

Research Paper

Effect of Muscle Strength by Trichinella spiralis Infection during Chronic Phase

Mi-Kyung Park1, Yun-Jeong Kang1, Jin-Ok Jo1, Kyung-Wan Baek3, Hak-Sun Yu4, Yung Hyun Choi5✉, Hee-Jae Cha1,2✉, Mee Sun Ock1✉

1. Department of Parasitology and Genetics, Kosin University College of Medicine, Busan 49267, Republic of Korea;
2. Institute for Medical Science, Kosin University College of Medicine, Busan 49267, Republic of Korea;
3. Division of Sport Science, Pusan National University, Busan 46241, Republic of Korea;
4. Department of Parasitology, College of Medicine, Pusan National University, Busan 50612, Republic of Korea;
5. Anti-Aging Research Center and Department of Biochemistry, Dongeui University College of Korean Medicine, Busan 47227, Republic of Korea.


Introduction: Trichinella spiralis establishes a chronic infection in skeletal muscle by developing nurse cells within muscle fibers. During symbiosis in host, changes in the muscle fibers and inflammation may affect muscle function.

Methods: We investigated muscle strength and inflammation in T. spiralis-infected mice during 1 to 48 weeks after infection.

Results: Muscle strength decreased compared to that in uninfected control mice during the late infection stage. Additionally, inflammatory related cytokines increased significantly during early stage of infection and then rapidly decreased. In pathological study, nuclear infiltration maintained from the early infection stage to chronic infection stage. Moreover, vacuoles and eosinophil infiltration were observed in infected muscle in chronic stage.

Conclusion: These results suggest that infection by T. spiralis significantly affects muscle function was continuously being weakness because vacuoles formation and maintained nucleus and eosinophil infiltration during chronic phase of T. spiralis infection.

Keywords: Trichinella spiralis, chronic infection, muscle weakness, inflammation, histo-pathology

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Park MK, Kang YJ, Jo JO, Baek KW, Yu HS, Choi YH, Cha HJ, Ock MS. Effect of Muscle Strength by Trichinella spiralis Infection during Chronic Phase. Int J Med Sci 2018; 15(8):802-807. doi:10.7150/ijms.23497. Available from