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23 January 2019

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Int J Med Sci 2018; 15(2):101-107. doi:10.7150/ijms.22206

Research Paper

Bactericidal effects of deep ultraviolet light-emitting diode for solutions during intravenous infusion

Sachiko Omotani1, Katsuji Tani1, Mai Aoe1, Seiji Esaki1, Katsuhito Nagai1, Yasutoshi Hatsuda1, Junji Mukai1, Hitomi Teramachi2, Michiaki Myotoku1✉

1. Faculty of Pharmacy, Osaka Ohtani University;
2. Gifu Pharmaceutical University.


Background: Ultraviolet irradiation is effectively used as a disinfection method for inactivating microorganisms.

Methods: We investigated the bactericidal effects by irradiation with a deep-ultraviolet light-emitting diode (DUV-LED) on the causative microorganisms of catheter related blood stream infection contaminating the solution for intravenous infusion. For irradiation, prototype modules for water disinfection with a DUV-LED were used. Experiments were conducted on five kinds of microorganisms. We examined the dependence of bactericidal action on eleven solutions. Administration sets were carried out three types.

Results: When the administration set JY-PB343L containing the infusion tube made of polybutadiene was used, the bactericidal action of the DUV-LED against all tested microorganisms in the physiological saline solutions was considered to be effective. We confirmed that the number of viable bacteria decreased in 5% glucose solution and electrolyte infusions with DUV-LED irradiation.

Conclusions: These results indicate that the DUV-LED irradiation has bactericidal effects in glucose infusion and electrolyte infusions by irradiating via a plasticizer-free polybutadiene administration set. We consider DUV-LED irradiation to be clinically applicable.

Keywords: deep-ultraviolet light-emitting diode, bactericidal effect, catheter related blood stream infection.

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Omotani S, Tani K, Aoe M, Esaki S, Nagai K, Hatsuda Y, Mukai J, Teramachi H, Myotoku M. Bactericidal effects of deep ultraviolet light-emitting diode for solutions during intravenous infusion. Int J Med Sci 2018; 15(2):101-107. doi:10.7150/ijms.22206. Available from