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17 November 2018

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Int J Med Sci 2015; 12(6):524-529. doi:10.7150/ijms.11352

Research Paper

Artesunate Induces SKM-1 Cells Apoptosis by Inhibiting Hyperactive β-catenin Signaling Pathway

Na Xu1, #, Xuan Zhou1, #, Shuang Wang2, Lu-lu Xu1, Hong-sheng Zhou1, Xiao-li Liu1,✉

1. Department of Hematology, Nan fang Hospital, Southern Medical University, Guangzhou, China
2. Department of Ultrasound, Xiangtan Central Hospital, Xiangtan, Hunan, China.
# Na Xu and Xuan Zhou contributed equally to this study


Introduction: Artesunate (ART), a wildly used agent to treat severe malarial around the world, also has the power to inhibit growth of different types of tumor. However, the exact molecular mechanisms keep unknown. Method: In this study, we used myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) cells (SKM-1 cells) with differential ART concentrations treatment at multiple time points to observe the subsequence cell function alteration and the possible involved pathway genes. Results: We found that ART demonstrated the ability to inhibit proliferation and induce apoptosis in SKM-1 in a dose and time-dependent manner. Demethylase recovered CDH1 gene expression may be involved in the apoptosis process. The β-catenin protein translocated from the nucleus and cytoplasm to the membrane result in inactivation of β-catenin signaling pathway. Conclusion: Our findings provide a rational basis to develop ART as a useful therapeutic agent for the treatment of myelodysplastic syndromes.

Keywords: Artesunate (ART), β-catenin pathway, E-cadherin, myelodysplastic syndrome

This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY-NC) License. See for full terms and conditions.
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Xu N, Zhou X, Wang S, Xu Ll, Zhou Hs, Liu Xl. Artesunate Induces SKM-1 Cells Apoptosis by Inhibiting Hyperactive β-catenin Signaling Pathway. Int J Med Sci 2015; 12(6):524-529. doi:10.7150/ijms.11352. Available from