Special issue proposal

Special issue is an effective way to communicate current knowledge in a particular field to researchers working in the field and interested readers. International Journal of Medical Sciences aims to frequently publish special issues that focus on research topics of common interest. Qualified scientists are encouraged to organize and guest edit special issues in their expertise areas with the journal. Published special issues in International Journal of Medical Sciences are highly cited and have drawn maximal attentions in the same areas. The profiles and reputations of the guest editors increase together with the publication of the special issues.

Proposals for special issues are welcome throughout the year and the issues can be published as soon as final versions of manuscripts are received by the journal editorial office. A special issues may cover topics in any basic and clinical area of medical sciences. Articles in the special issues may include reviews, researcher papers, communications and other types as deemed appropriate by the editors. Conference organizers may organize a special issue based on the extended or full versions of papers that were presented in the conference, symposium or workshop.

A proposal should include:

  • CV and list of publications of the guest editors; (the main guest editor can invite up to 2 co-editors to edit the special issue)
  • a working title, an overview of the topics, aims and scope;
  • an estimated number of articles to be published, and if possible, list of potential authors and titles of manuscripts;
  • tentative time frame for submissions and publications.

Papers in the special issue may be invited or openly submitted. The guest editors are responsible for reviewing the special issue papers, and supply final versions to the journal editorial office for publication. Full texts of all articles will appear in PubMed Central. Special issue papers are charged in a group rate.

Please submit proposals to .


Published Special Issues

Special Issue on Hip Joint Infections
Guest editor: Konstantinos Anagnostakos
Volume 6 (5); 2009

Special Issue on Eye and Zoonosis
Guest editors: Jelka G. ORSONI and Paolo MORA
Volume 6 (3); 2009

Advances in Managing Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infection
Guest editor: Ke-Qin Hu
Volume 3 (2); 2006

Advances in Hepatitis B Research: From Virology to Clinical Management
Guest editors: Xuanyong Lu, Ke-Qin Hu
Volume 2 (1); 2005


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